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Station Fire Recovery Efforts Covered in Mountain Bike Magazine

Friday, June 25th, 2010

The Station fire has been a devastating blow to outdoor recreation throughout Southern California. CORBA’s Steve Messer was recently interviewed by Mountain Bike Magazine about the extensive damage and impact to the trails, and pondered on how the recovery efforts might proceed.

Messer was probably the last person to ride Sam Merrill, Sunset Ridge and El Prieto trails before the fire swept through the area. Ironically, he was on his way with CORBA’s trail crew to do some trail repair work on Sunset Ridge trail as the fire broke out.

It’s clear that the recovery will take many years. At present it is too early in the process to speculate on when the forest and severely damaged trails may re-open. The Mountain Bike magazine story does a nice job of laying out the challenges and opportunities, and showing how CORBA, the Mount Wilson Bicycling Association and others might be called to action going forward.

The full article is available as PDF document.