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Staff from Giant Bikes and Amgen repair CORBA’s adopted trail

Monday, December 12th, 2016

Volunteers hike up the Dragonback hills to get to the work area.

Workers from two companies with headquarters in Newbury Park took Friday morning December 9th off from work to help repair the Los Robles Trail West as part of their company’s community outreach programs. We expected 30 volunteers from Giant Bicycles and Amgen but at least 37 showed up, supervised by three COSCA rangers and one of CORBA’s trail crew leaders. Because of the large turnout, we got the work done in record time.

The work area started at the top of the most eastward Dragonback hill, almost a mile from the Felton St. trailhead, and continued for 0.4 miles towards the picnic table at Angel Vista. Work consisted of treadwork: digging out stumps, filling ruts, adding or repairing drainages, resloping and raking loose rocks off the trail.

A few days earlier, the CREW had cleared out overgrowing brush so we didn’t have to worry about that.

One huge rut on the most eastward Dragonback hill was filled and the trail leveled, however it was still loose because the dirt was so dry. To address that, the rangers came back a few days later with 30 gallons of water, hauled on a power wheelbarrow, and soaked the loose dirt to pack it down.

Overall, everyone did a fantastic job and this section of the trail that has been neglected for years is in much better shape and should be able to withstand the winter rainstorms without damage!

You can see before and after trail conditions, and the folks doing the work, in this Giant/Amgen volunteers photo gallery.

Working on the Los Robles Trail West, CORBA’s adopted trail

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Ruts on the trail where a new rolling dip was built

CORBA’s adopted trail, the Los Robles Trail West in Thousand Oaks, wasn’t in very good shape this spring after the winter rains. Long segments were wildly overgrown by mustard and thistle, and some steeper sections had deep ruts. Over the years, the tread of the trail had become U-shaped in cross-section. The natural rims keep rainwater on the trail, where it runs down the middle, taking soil with it and forming a jagged rut.

COSCA hired professional trail workers to fix up the trail in the spring. They cut back the overgrowing weeds and filled in the deep ruts. Unfortunately, they didn’t build water diversions (‘rolling dips’) to keep future rain from running down the trail and reforming the rut. Furthermore, the center of the trail, where the rut had been filled in, was much more loosely packed than the rest of the trail, making it much more susceptible to water erosion.

The rain that we had in the last two weeks of October was enough to start carving new ruts. At the beginning of November, a rut a few inches deep had formed on one of the steeper sections of the trail.

CORBA trail crew members and local residents Danusia Bennett-Taber and Steve Clark spent three hours fixing up the trails. They built two rolling dips on a steeper segment, one near the top and another just above a very steep part. These water diversions will redirect rainwater off the trail so it shouldn’t form another rut. They also filled in the rut on the very steep part at the bottom. Being protected by a rolling dip from above, this rut should not reform once it is packed down by trail users.

View a short photo gallery of the work that was done.

CORBA Adopted Trail Damaged by Water Spill

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

by Danusia Bennett-Taber 

COSCA Los Robles West Potrero trailhead. The spill-induced rut is much worse a little further up the trail.


A power outage at a local water facility caused substantial damage to our COSCA (Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency) adopted trail – Los Robles West / Potrero trailhead section. On Saturday August 21st hundreds of gallons of water poured down this trail  opening huge ruts and even damaging the parking lot. 

COSCA is trying to find the responsible party so they can repair this damage. Until that happens, be aware of this damage and ride safely. 

CORBA has adopted Conejo Open Space Los Robles Trail West (aka Space Mountain to Potrero Rd.)

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

"Space Mountain" gets its name from the radio towers at the top of the Mountain.

CORBA is proud to announce our adoption of the Los Robles Trail West (aka Space Mountain to Potrero Rd.) under COSCA’s Adopt-a-Trail program. This program allows individuals, civic groups and private companies to adopt trails. Adopting entities agree to provide maintenance for their selected trails on a quarterly basis, as well as regularly monitor conditions on the trail. This is great news for users of this trail. It is a favorite of mountain bikers locally and from all over Southern California. Los Robles West is unique for its tolerance to rain. Good drainage and low clay soil make it ridable after even heavy rainfall, so it is heavily used during the winter. But “good drainage” is not “perfect drainage,” and heading into the summer there are often some rutted sections in need of repair, as well as brush clearance is always required after spring growth. The Thousand Oaks area is fortunate to have a large selection of Conejo Open Space trails open for multiple use. Unfortunately a shortage of resources limits the maintenance performed by the land managers. CORBA is stepping in here to help fill the shortfall.  We hope to engage local trail users to help provide ongoing trail maintenance to this trail. We are looking for volunteers and trail crew leaders to help maintain our newly adopted trail. If you would like to get involved please email us, or call us at 818-206-8213. 

View Los Robles West in a larger map