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Malibu Adventure Games May 17

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

MAG_5x7_2014The Malibu Adventure Games return to Malibu Creek State Park May 17 with added mountain biking activities. Along with a poker ride with two different distances, there will also be a family blackjack ride where participants can win prizes by beating the dealer at various stations. CORBA’s Mark Langton will also be providing a free skills clinic prior to the poker rides.

Also at the event will be activities for the whole family including a climbing wall, nature walks, kids XTERRA 1-mile fun run, yoga classes, and a fitness expo.

Also taking place during the event are  the XTERRA 22K and 6K trail runs. Proceeds from the event go to the Malibu Creek Docents to support Malibu Creek State Park. For more information go to

Annual IMBA Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

On Saturday October 1, 47 riders came out for the IMBA’s Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day at Malibu Creek State Park.  Riders on unicycles, trailer bikes, tandem bikes, and various sized mountain bikes dotted the trail on a pleasantly warm October morning.

While families arrived and signed in, early-birds rode around the parking lot to warm up after readying their bikes. After reviewing trail etiquette,  fearless leader Hans Keifer, CORBA Kids Club members, and many new comers hit the trails.


The first challenge was a dry creek crossing, and the kids were troopers, as you can ssee when you view our photo gallery of this event.  After a short break where we waited for the slower members of the group to catch up, we headed back past the visitors center, and some riders rode up the big hill leading to the MASH site before heading back for a fine BBQ lunch!

If you liked this event, or you misssed it and you want to try riding with other families, please join us at our next CORBA Kids Club ride on Saturday November 5 from 9 to noon in Cheeseboro Canyon. 

Email for more information.

Nov 13th Fat Tire Fun(d)raiser

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Save the date: November 13, 2011.

For 2011 we have altered the format of our annual anniversary event. In years past it had grown to be quite the undertaking, with lots of festival activities, vendors, a poker ride, even a cyclocross race. Although fun for attendees and a great success, our volunteer coordinators and support staff got pretty burned out, despite the many accolades received from appreciative participants.

The bottom line is to raise money for our programs while having fun celebrating our great trails and advocacy efforts. So this year we decided to keep it simple and do what we love best–RIDE! We are excited to be back at Malibu Creek State Park in Calabasas. The main ride route will feature the Crags Road Trail through the creek canyon, past the MASH site, and up Bulldog Motorway, and will also connect to National Park Service property at the Solstice Canyon section of the Backbone Trail with an optional out-and-back to Kanan Dume Road at Tunnel #1. It will continue along Mesa Peak Motoryway and down Tapia Motorway, finishing by coming back into Malibu Creek State Park via the Tapia Spur Trail. With the out-and-back to Kanan Dume Road the ride is 27 miles, or 15 miles if the Backbone Trail to Kanan Rd.  is skipped. There will also be shorter easy rides in Malibu Creek State Park including the Grasslands Trail to De Anza Park. There will be plenty of opportunities for every level of rider to have a great ride in support of your local trail advocacy organization.

Of course, we’d hate to pass up the opportunity to have some cool demo bikes on hand, and so far we have gotten commitments from Trek, Specialized, Giant, and Bionicon who will have some of the newest technology on hand.

We’re also very excited to announce that New Belgium Brewery will be serving samples!

And of course there will be a raffle, with some really cool prizes including bikes, gear, and more.

Click here for more information and to get registered. Hope to see you there!

Tapia Spur Trail to Undergo Shared-Use Upgrades Starting in September

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

State Parks has announced that the multi-use Tapia Spur Trail in Malibu Creek State Park/Tapia Park will undergo several changes to address the trail’s ability to sustain shared use by hikers, equestrians, and mountain bikers. The work is tentatively set to begin in September of 2011.

According to State Parks’ Tapia Spur Trail project description (Tapia Spur Trail Muli-Use Work Project Report – PDF), dated April 12, 2011, Tapia Spur Trail lacks a variety of components necessary to adequately accommodate multi-use moving forward based on new multi-use guidelines, and therefore intends to implement several multi-use components that will bring the trail up to current multi-use guidelines. These components include brushing (which has already begun), improved drainage and increased tread width, speed control sections in areas lacking sight distance, and realignment of one stretch of trail  to increase sight distance and redirect the trail off the fall line.

Of particular interest to CORBA are the components of “sinuosity” (the trail weaving in and out of the topography to create a curvy alignment) and “pinch points” (placement of items such as rocks or logs that create a perceived narrow point in the trail corridor). Both of these components have been used in other areas with good results; that of slowing the mountain biker while maintaining an enjoyable experience for the cyclist, hiker, and equestrian. As I have previously stated, slowing down around other trail users can virtually eliminate the complaints by those who say that mountain bikes are dangerous because they go too fast. While most cyclists are in control of their bikes when passing other trail users, the perception of speed–even a few miles per hour–can reduce or even spoil another user’s trail experience, including other mountain bikers. We’re all out there for the same reason, to enjoy nature. Treating others with respect is part of that enjoyment.

CORBA is encouraged by this upgrade project as it will allow State Parks to work more closely with the trail user community in implementing shared use concepts and guidelines. Tapia Spur Trail can become a showcase of proper multi-use practices, and with the assistance and cooperation of the mountain bike community, we can potentially have a comprehensive example of multi-use guideline implementation. CORBA has been assured that mountain bikers will be considered in every step of component implementation on this important trail link from Malibu Creek State Park to Tapia Park.

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind the mountain bike community that CORBA’s funding and volunteer needs are ongoing. Trail work volunteers are still needed, as well as funding for CORBA Trail Crew tools and other supplies. Just recently State Parks released a comprehensive trail crew leader training schedule, and in addition to trail workers, we also need those interested in becoming trained and certified as trail crew leaders. Training starts July 7 so we need volunteers immediately. To contact CORBA, email, and go to our Join/Donate page to to help support CORBA’s efforts.

CORBA Kids Club ride – July 2th, 2011

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Saturday July 2, 2011 – Saturday July 2, 2011

1925 Las Virgenes Road

View MapMap and Directions | Register


Organized parent/children mountain bike ride to build confidence, promote health and wellness, share knowledge of trails and riding techniques, teach respect for each other and the environment; inspire the next generation of mountain bikers and CORBA volunteers!

Meet at Malibu Creek State Park lower parking lot at 9 a.m.

For info contact:

Kids must have their own bikes and helmets.


Fat Tire Fun(d)raiser Announced for November 13, 2011

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Click to register through Active.comSave the date! November 13, 2011 will be the date for CORBA’s annual fun(d) and awareness raising event. This year we will be returning to Malibu Creek State Park with a slightly different format than in years past. We’re still working out the details, but you can be sure that there will be great rides and some great prizes given away. We will be toning down the festival atmosphere and concentrating on what we love to do most—ride! We’re also hoping to have a full complement of some of the hottest bikes available for testing by some of the industry’s best manufacturers. All proceeds will go to our programs that help keep the trails open to shared use, and hopefully open up more of the many miles of trails that are currently closed to bicycles.

More information is available on our 2011 FTF page. Check back occassionally to look for updates!

“Change in Trail Use” Meeting Sees Big Turnout

Friday, March 4th, 2011

Karl Knapp addresses the audience. Photo by: Michael McClure

On Wednesday night the Angeles District of the California Department of Parks and Recreation (CDPR) hosted a public meeting regarding a recently submitted Change in Trail Use proposal for Lookout and Yearling Trails in Malibu Creek State Park. Approximately 125 people packed the Administration Center’s conference room, where Angeles District Acting Superintendent Craig Sap and  CDPR Roads and Trails Operations Manager Karl Knapp explained the process and answered questions. Sap concluded this segment of the meeting by saying that anyone is welcome to call or email him with questions and concerns (818-880-0396,

In an earlier blog we discussed the Change in Trail Use (CTU) process which included the CDPR flow chart (see link at the end of this story). No significant additional information came out of this meeting, except perhaps the clarification by CDPR that CORBA did not request the rerouting of a couple of sections of the Yearling and Lookout Trails. In fact it was already the State’s intention to realign portions of the trails due to instability, prior to the Change in Trail Use evaluation. Key points of the CTU proposal were that the process is still ongoing and will need California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) approval; since modifications in the trail have been recommended, a Project Evaluation Form will need to be submitted; and funding is still needed.

After the discussion by Sap and Knapp, attendees were asked to gather at tables to ask questions and submit comments to agency representatives, including Angeles District Topanga Sector Superintendent Lynette Brody and National Park Service (Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area) Trails Planner Melanie Beck. During this part of the meeting, CORBA hand-delivered the results of our online petition with 550 signatures to State Parks officials.

We will post any new developments as we learn of them.

A more detailed account (with photos) of the meeting can be found here (the comments and opinions are solely those of the author, Michael McClure).

State Parks has provided us with a blank Trail Use Change package. The first page of this package is a flow chart of the entire process, and the other pages are the Trail Use Change Survey that is completed while evaluating the trail.

Opponents to Mountain Biking Could Block New Proposed Trail Access for Bicyclists in the Santa Monica Mountains

Friday, February 25th, 2011

On March 2 California State Parks will hold a public meeting to inform interested parties about a new proposal to allow bicycles on two trails currently closed to bikes in Malibu Creek State Park. Opponents of trail access for bicyclists have already circled the wagons and plan on being at the meeting to denounce the proposal and try to block access to bicycles on the Yearling and Lookout Trails. These trails would create a significant connector for bicyclists between Paramount Ranch and the western boundary of Malibu Creek State Park. We need mountain bikers to show up in force and let the land managers know that mountain bikers deserve access to more trails for better connectivity and less congestion.

This could be a landmark decision, setting a precedent that would open even more trails to bicyclists, much of it single track, in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.

Talking points for those wishing to make public comments:

  • Opening Yearling and Lookout trails to bicycles would create off-pavement connectivity to Paramount Ranch/Agoura Hills
  • More trails open to bicycles means reduced congestion on other trails and an improved trail experience for all users.
  • Access from the northwestern boundary of Malibu Creek State Park could reduce parking congestion at the intersection of Mulholland Highway and Las Virgenes Road.

For more information on this trail access situation, go to our blog article.

Please sign our petition by March 2 so we can show the land managers we have a large constituency of mountain bikers who want more trail access!

Meeting Date and Time (click here for details and agenda)

March 2, 2011, 6 – 7:30 pm

Malibu Creek State Park Administration Center, 1925 Las Virgenes Road, Calabasas. Parking fee will be waived for those attending the meeting. View a Google Map of the location with driving directions.

CORBA Clarifies Sierra Club’s Misinformation

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

In the Santa Monica Mountains Task Force of the Sierra Club’s February newsletter, an article about CORBA’s Change In Trail Use request contained incorrect information. The article (see below) stated that CORBA requested the “reworking” of the Yearling and Lookout Trails, which is incorrect. Here is the reply that was sent to the Task Force’s Chair Mary Ann Webster:

Dear Mary Ann,
In reference to your recent Santa Monica Mountains Task Force of the Sierra Club newsletter, I wanted to point out that CORBA did not propose “reworking” the Yearling and Lookout Trails. CORBA was not involved with the analysis and planning of any kind of rerouting or realignment of these trails as part of the State Park’s Trail Use Change Survey.

While it is true CORBA requested that these trails be considered for bicycle access (as well as the Musch Trail in Topanga State Park), the request has been on record with State Parks for more than 15 years, and includes several trails throughout the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area that are closed to bicycles.

Mark Langton
President, CORBA



CORBA has asked ACTING ANGELES DISTRICT ACTING SUPERINTENDENT CRAIG SAP to consider opening the MUSCH RANCH TRAIL to mountain bikes. Some people are afraid he might be considering responding in the affirmative. The reaction from the Task Force and the TOPANGA STATE PARK DOCENTS was not long in coming. Emails flew back and forth objecting to the proposal and asking for a meeting with Acting Superintendent Sap.

Soon after CORBA also proposed “reworking” and opening to mountain bikes the LOOKOUT and YEARLING TRAILS in the Reagan Ranch portion of MALIBU CREEK STATE PARK. These trails are in botanically and historically sensitive portions of the Reagan Woodland, and parts of them become very muddy in rainy periods, resulting in serious damage to the trail and adjoining woodland flowers. Equestrian leader RUTHIE GERSON reacted very strongly against opening these trails to mountain bikes, as did several MALIBU CREEK STATE PARK DOCENTS.

We took the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Reagan’s birth to point out that Ronald Reagan told a few of us in 1977 that he had personally laid out the Yearling and Lookout trails as his personal riding trails when he owned the Reagan Ranch. That information started a movement among the Malibu Creek State Park Docents to add the Yearling and Lookout trails to the National Register of Historic Places.

Meanwhile, the Topanga and Malibu Creek docents have asked Acting Superintendent Craig Sap to meet with all stakeholders on this issue instead of meeting only with Corba.