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All Fun at June 18th CORBA Beginner Ride

Monday, June 20th, 2011


Nine beginners at Sycamore Canyon (Point Mugu State Park)

Nine mountain bikers turned up for CORBA’s Beginner Ride in Sycamore Canyon (Rancho Sierra Vista/Point Mugu State Park). We started our ride on nice double track leading through the meadows of the National Park Service property of Rancho Sierra Vista. Once at the top of famous Blacktop Hill we took a moment to talk about safety of descending the hill: Watch ahead for gravel on the corners, control speed (max 15 mph), slow down for other trail users, perhaps say “Hello” and last but not least… have fun!

Once down the hill we turned west onto Ranch Center Road, unfortunately passing by the fun side route known as Art’s Trail, which was closed a year ago due to archeological concerns (read here about Art’s trail). After some climbing on the paved road … our reward. Wood Canyon fire road and two great single tracks, Two Foxes and Sin Nombre. I think I speak for all of us when I say we had a great time! No one even complained that we had to finish our ride with a final climb back up Blacktop to¬† Rancho Sierra Vista. Not only that, they smiled! Just check out the picture.

14 miles, 1300 feet of climbing, all smiles!


The 14-mile ride took us about three hours and had 1,300 feet of climbing, and by all accounts was pure fun!

I would like to thank everyone for joining the CORBA/North Ranch Mountain Bikers Beginner Ride. Check out the pictures.

Hope to see you on my next ride! Visit CORBA calendar and see you on the trails!

– Danusia Bennett-Taber