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State Restoration of Rogers Road Underway

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

As reported in the Topanga Messenger and several other news sources, and announced by CORBA last year, work has been progressing along the Rogers Road section of the Backbone Trail. The trail had become severely eroded, narrow and overgrown, to where concerns for safety and sustainability of the trail had been raised by State Parks.

Rogers Road

Congressman Brad Sherman last week announced that funds had been secured by him for trail improvements along the Backbone Trail. We are seeing the results of that funding, as State Parks have hired additional staff for the project and have been working hard on Rogers Road.

Trail crews have been camping in “spike camps” to save time hiking in and out of work sites. They typically spend 3 – 5 days doing trailwork based out of the camp. The most recent spike camp ended on Tuesday, August 28. CORBA’s Steve Messer joined the crew for the last day of their camp, as they cut back brush along the trail in sweltering heat.

The trail has been extensively brushed, with tread and drainage work being done by machine. Ruts have been flattened and drainage has been restored and improved.  As with any such restoration work, the trail now looks smooth and raw, but longer term prospects are looking good for this section of the Backbone trail.  After some time to pack down and a spring growing season Rogers Road should be back to the flowy singletrack we all love, but without the constant scratching of brush, and threat of ruts and dropoffs hidden from view by overgrown grasses.

State parks trail crew

Crews have completed work from Temescal Ridge fire road to approximately .9 miles above the Chicken Ridge bridge.  Another spike camp is expected late October to continue work on the trail.

We appreciate State Parks efforts, and Congressman Sherman’s recognition of the importance of the Backbone Trail to all trail users.