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Multi-Use Signs on El Prieto

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Since the trail re-opened in May this year, El Prieto has seen heavy use by cyclists eager to get back to the trails Friends of El Prieto, Banner Moffat mounts the multi-use sign to the newly installed post.they love. Recently there have been a few complaints from hikers being startled by bicycles on El Prieto.

Multi-Use SignCORBA donated to the Forest Service a set of IMBA multi-use trail guideline signs to be installed on El Prieto. Signs are needed to help inform and remind cyclists to be aware of other trail users and slow down and yield to hikers and equestrians. If cyclists want respect on the trails, we have to give respect to other trail users. IMBA’s “Rules of the Trail” are the standard to which we need to hold ourselves and our fellow riders.

Banner Moffat of the Friends of El Prieto and Steve Messer from CORBA spent Thursday afternoon, August 25, carrying in the signs, posts and tools. They installed the first sign near the picnic bench mid-trail that afternoon. The remaining signs at the top and bottom of the trail were installed by Banner and volunteer Ben Bertiger the following day.

All of the trails open to bicycles in Southern California are multi-use, and hikers or equestrians love the trails as much as we do. We urge riders to be respectful of other trail users, to help ensure that these trails remain multi-use, and to strengthen our case to open new trails to bicycles.


Banner and Steve with the newly installed sign