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March CORBA Kids Ride: Single Track, Stairs, and Turkey Vultures

Friday, March 25th, 2011

The CORBA Kids Club had another successful fun ride Sunday March 6 in Malibu Creek State Park. We met in the lower parking lot because the upper lot was full due to the marathon.  We scouted  around the upper lot looking for additional participants, and by 9:30 we began our ride.

We started with a mini skills clinic, reviewing the importance of speed control, body positioning, and trail etiquette. The adults demonstrated descending the stairs, and those kids who were comfortable doing so also gave it a try. A few of them wanted to do it again and again.

We then descended down the small dirt path leading to the pavement and led the kids up the hill leading to the Grasslands trail. Once we made it up the first big hill (some riding, most walking), we continued riding until we reached Mulholland Highway.  There we waited for the rest of the group to catch up and catch their breath. During one of these break-and-waits, the older kids attempted to climb off-trail, and we pointed out the erosion and how hiking a non-designated area could damage the terrain. We assured them that there would be an opportunity for
a good climb later.

One at a time, we walked the bikes and the kids across Mulholland where we resumed our ride on the North Grasslands Trail. While riding the single track Grasslands Trail, we saw a member of the Equestrian MVP.  The kids knew to go off to the side and let the horse pass, and the rider complimented us on our trail etiquette. We continued past the power station and determined our turn-around point shortly thereafter.

On the way back, We stopped at the trail leading to the water tower, so the kids could hike up to it and enjoy the views. Two adults were with the kids at all times and the other adults watched the bikes. We then rode back to the cars, while some Turkey Vultures hovered overhead. The two vultures actually landed on the grass near the parking lot, and then took off again, so kids and adults got to see their wing span as they took flight.

You can view the photo gallery for this ride.

Our next ride is scheduled for Saturday April 2. Meet at Cheeseboro Canyon in the upper parking lot. Hope to see you there!