Summary of the Conejo Fall Trail Work Day held October 19 in the Conejo Canyons Open Space

Digging to make a drain starts when the vegetation is all gone.

About 80 open space enthusiasts came out to help fix up the trails in the Conejo Canyons in preparation for winter rains. Volunteers came from various organizations such as the Santa Monica Mountains Trails Council (SMMTC), CORBA, the El Camino Real charter high school mountain bike team, various Meetup groups and others. The CORBA crew added drains to natural dips in the Hill Canyon Trail so they wouldn’t become muddy bogs when it rains. The other folks hiked up the Canyon Overlook Trail to fill in ruts and remove loose rocks. At noon, the volunteers were rewarded with a taco lunch and prize give-away to thank them for their hard work and generosity in donating their time to open space improvement. COSF, COSCA and the other organizations would like to give a hearty thank-you to all the volunteers!

View some of the workers in our photo gallery!

2 Responses to “Summary of the Conejo Fall Trail Work Day held October 19 in the Conejo Canyons Open Space”

  1. Brandon Altbush says:

    My name is Brandon Altbush, and I am a member of the El Camino Real mountain bike team. Last year (October 19, 2019) I volunteered at the Conejo Open Space Fall Trail Work Day with a few of my buddies. I worked with them, and many other awesome volunteers to fill massive ruts, clear brush, and to create drainage ditches. This experience taught me many new things about drainage, and how to maintain a trail to be as sustainable as possible. I would love to come to some more of these events in the future as it helps my community, and I can actually go ride the trails that we work on. I had so much fun at this one, and I look forward to more!

    -B. Altbush

    • Steve Messer says:

      Thanks Brandon for being out there and giving back to the trails. It’s unfortunate that the spring Conejo Open Space trail day had to be canceled under the current public health orders. Hopefully we’ll see you and your team mates at the Conejo Fall trailwork day later this year.