Fire Season Trail Safety

The Ventura County Fire Department has published a pamphlet about safety on the trails during fire season, called “Ready, Set, Go! for Trail Users.” It starts off

“Ventura County is a trail-lover’s paradise. From walks on the beach, to urban paths and back-country trails, walkers, hikers, mountain-bikers and equestrians have many options for exercising in a natural setting. Many of these paths and trails are either in the wildland urban interface – a place where development meets a natural area – or in the wildland itself. Anyone on a trail during times of high fire danger could be at risk from wildfires.
“Fortunately, the Ready, Set, Go! Trail Users program provides many ways to prepare and protect against wildfires.
“The Ready, Set, Go! Trail Users program is about being prepared (ready), situational awareness – knowing what’s going on around you (set) – and getting out of harm’s way (go!). By following a few simple steps, trail users can enjoy the natural beauty of Ventura County without putting themselves in the path of a wildfire.”

The full pamphlet is available for download. You can also view the general Ready, Set, Go! web page for fire preparedness at

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