Beware of Bees Near the New Millennium Trails in Calabasas

It's better to avoid bees than to try to outrun them.

There are been reports of bees or yellow jackets attacking mountain bikers riding near the New Millennium Loop trails in Calabasas. This past weekend, riders on the Historic Trail (trail #8 at the top of this map) reported that angry bees followed them for several hundred yards. Most riders were stung multiple times. A similar incident occured a few weeks ago during a night ride in the same area. One member of that ride said the bees had a nest in the ground, on the inside corner of a switchback. All riders were stung about a dozen times. 

We don’t have any advice on what to do when confronted by angry insects other than “Ride away as fast as hell! Don’t stop until well beyond where the bees stop chasing you.” Instead of trying to outrun these bees, it would be smarter to avoid this trail as long as there are bees there.

CORBA has alerted the land managers for the area about this problem.

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