Happy Earth Day: Now Ride Your Bike to the Trails

Happy Earth Day!

As mountain bikers we understand and appreciate both the health aspects of riding our bikes, and the environmental benefits of a form of recreation that doesn’t directly produce carbon emissions. Biking is good for the environment, with much less impact than motor sports. It’s good for us. It’s just good!


Ride to the Trails

Ride your Bike • Ride Public Transit • Ride the Trails

For Earth Day, CORBA is happy to announce a new initiative that will take place during Bike Month, just around the corner (May 2010). In conjunction with the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, and as a “recreational” adjunct to Bike to Work Week, we’d like to see people ride their bike TO THE TRAILS.

Instead of loading up your car, driving to a local trailhead, unloading, suiting up. At least once during Bike to Work Week (and the weekends before and after, since this is recreational), try riding–your bike, public transit, even car-pooling–from home directly to the trailhead. Pedal out of your driveway.

The RideToTHeTrails.org web site is under construction. You’ll be able to post your rides to the trail and be eligible to win prizes kindly donated by The North Face/Planet Explore, REI, KHS, and others. Let us know your zip code and the trail to which you ride, how you got there (all pedalling, transit, or other).

At the beginning of May we’ll be sending out reminders to people to join in and Ride to the Trails. Now go ride a bike and enjoy Earth Day.

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  1. Hooray for riding to the trails!

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