Trailwork Report: Gabrielino Trail

Gabrielino Trail MWBA and CORBA CrewsOn January 14, 2012, volunteer crews once again tackled the Gabrielino Trail between Switzers and Redbox.  CORBA combined forces with the Mount Wilson Bicycling Association, our neighboring IMBA chapter.

We continued on our work from our last trailwork event in December, working on approximately 2 additional miles of trail. The crews hiked in from the access road halfway between Clear Creek and Redbox. From there, one crew headed down the trail, and another headed up the trail. A third crew of two went to Redbox and worked their way down clearing debris and downed trees from the trail. The crews cleared and rock-armored several drainages, cut back brush, repaired damaged trail tread, and cleared rock and other debris from the trail. Several groups of hikers and cyclists came through as the work was being done, many more than we saw during the last trailwork day in December.

With the trail now over 95% rideable, we anticipate many more users on the trail as we enter spring. However, we must caution everyone to beware of the poodle dog bush. It’s impractical to cut back, but much of the trail is lined with the plant. At least two of the volunteers reported cases of poodle dog a few days after the work was completed.

Everyone had a great time. The Pasadena Mountain Bike Club were well represented, with several first-time trailwork volunteers.  “It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun,” commented Mike, one of the first-time volunteers. “I definitely want to come back and do more next time.”  A deli-style lunch spread was put on for the volunteers and at least five of the volunteers went and rode the trail immediately after lunch. “That’s the best reward ever,” said Jenny Johnson, “being able to ride a trail you helped restore.”

After lunch, Steve Messer and Mike McGuire continued working  to remove a 60′ long stretch of downed trees  near the start of the trail, shown in the before and after photos below. Therewere multiple  trees piled up and strewn across the trail. Some of these trees had been down for some time, as a bypass trail was very well established. That bypass trail was further buried in the brutal windstorms of late November, when several more trees fell in the same location. The two were able to clear out the original trail and close off the bypass.

As of our last inspection after the day’s work,  one drainage still needs repair, and one downed tree needs to be removed. The “waterfall” rock garden has become much more technical, and most will want to hike that section. Thanks to Mitch Marich and Edward Belden for the photos.

Thanks to the MWBA for organizing this extra trailwork day, and to all the volunteers who came out to give back to the trails. Our next trailwork date is February 19, 2012, with the location to be announced.


Trees cleared from the trail:

Gabrielino Trail, Mike and Steve after clearing trees



Newly re-cut bench and restored tread

Gabrielino Trail, after tread repair work


The old log bridge has a new home:

 Formerly a hike-a-bike, now you can roll right through this drainage:

Enjoying the trail immediately after the work:


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