Sullivan Canyon Update November 2010

From Sharon O’Rourke, The Gas Company

I wanted to give you an update of our Sullivan Canyon Pipeline Protection Project.  The project will take longer than originally estimated due to the recent rains we have experienced.  We originally expected to complete the work sometime by November 12th.  The new estimate for completion is now December 10th, weather permitting.

On August 4th, we started construction to repair the access road and install protective concrete mats over 12 pipeline exposure areas.  These exposure areas make the pipelines vulnerable to damage.  Of the 12 exposure areas, 8 pipeline areas have been inspected, repaired and covered with the protective concrete mats.  We have 4  exposure areas to complete.

Due to on-going pipeline construction activity, public access to Sullivan Canyon remains closed.

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  1. Terry says:

    I see you last update was back on 11/3/10. Can you please let me know if the latest estimate for the reopening, 12/10/10 is still accurate? That would mean it would be open again as of THIS Friday. Please replay asap with confirmation. Thanks.

    • Steve Messer says:

      A few of us were up on sullivan ridge yesterday. The canyon is still closed with a sign showing December 10th as the target completion date. The guard informed us that to his knowledge that was still the target date, but weather could cause more delays. The gas company hasn’t put out any new information either. We will post an update as soon as there is any news.

  2. Terry says:

    So unless there’s another update, or another postponement posted here, I can assume that the trail will be open to the public as of 12/10/10? I would be driving there from a fair distance, and would not want to make the trip only to be told it’s still closed! thanks.

    • Steve Clark says:

      Terry, You should check with the gas company directly if you need really up-to-date information. You can contact them at

      Southern California Gas Company
      Deanna Haines
      Sharon O’Rourke
      9400 Oakdale Avenue, SC9314
      Chatsworth, CA 91311-6511
      (310) 578-2669

  3. Terry says:

    That’s a fax number, and the email address you listed is not valid.

    • Steve Clark says:

      Sorry, That’s all the information we’ve got. We’ll put in another comment if we hear anything else.

      Try one of these emails:


      I wouldn’t be surprised if the first one works – it has a straight apostrophe instead of a ‘right’ one.

      ps. I see when this is displayed, it uses a ‘right’ quote instead of a straight apostrophe. Try copying the email address and replacing the right quote with a straight one. Doesn’t this stupid blog program understand plain text?

  4. Terry says:

    Here’s the latest from Sharon O’Rourke:

    Better news! We are going to demobilize by Thursday and the canyon will be open as of Friday, 12/17.


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