West End of Etz Meloy Gets Another Gate

IMG_2132CORBA was alerted to the fact that a private property owner at the west end of Etz Meloy Motorway (a section of the Backbone Trail) at Yerba Buena Road has erected a second, new gate to deter the public from using the route. From the National Park Service:
The 1-mile stretch of Etz Meloy Mtwy. heading east from Yerba Buena Rd. is not open to the public.  The stretch of Etz Meloy Mtwy. across this area is not to be used by trail visitors. By using it, visitors will only aggravate the situation.

CORBA reminds everyone to respect private property and not go over/around the gate as this action is not only illegal, it can also jeopardize negotiations with the landowners and NPS moving toward some kind of easement agreement.

An earlier blog has more details, history and several comments on the gate that prevents access to the Etz Meloy Mtwy from the west end.


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One Response to “West End of Etz Meloy Gets Another Gate”

  1. Steve Clark says:

    Great news! The gates are now irrelevant because the National Park Service has built a new singletrack to bypass the private property at the west end of Etz Meloy. The new trail officially opened on National Trails Day, June 4 2016. The new trail extends the Yerba Buena segment across Yerba Buena Road and up to Etz Meloy Motorway.

    At the same time, the Schwartzenegger section was opened as well. The Backbone Trail is now complete with no gaps!

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