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IMG_0189GGR: Girlz Gone Riding, is proud to say we have now reached over 500 members! We now are able to attend cycling events and represent with our own booth! The booth was 100% funded by the GGR members. We had an online fund raising campaign to pay for the booth. It’s amazing what you can accomplish as a group when you ask for help!  GGR has been attending the Pedalfest series, a local, fun, family oriented race series located in Castaic. The race promoters, Greg and Gina Flanagan have been instrumental with GGR being a partner in their series and we thank them so very, very much for supporting women’s cycling and GGR! This is a fun series and there are still a few races left! Sign up here! Make sure you come over to the purple GGR booth and say HI! has recognized GGR! The writer , Sheri Matthews, heard about us at a running event in Vancouver! Sheri talked with Wendy for a few hours and wrote this article about GGR:

IMG_0322GGR is so very grateful for our year round supporters and we want to thank them again! CORBA, Cycle World Chatsworth, Kali Protectives, Newbury Park Bike Shop, JRA Bike & Brew. If you want to open your business up to more women, get involved with your women’s cycling community! Contact to get your shop and products involved with GGR!

GGR encourages all to wear bells on their bikes! Bells alert all others on the trails that you are there. Our trails are multi use trails and everyone deserves to ride/hike/run and bike them. Let’s let them know us bikers are approaching with a bell! You can purchase a Danusia bell directly through CORBA or GGR: OR

GGR would also like to remind you to look ahead and be aware of others on the trails. Let’s keep the trails open to ALL by riding safe! Please give hikers and horses the right of way and slow down & smile when you see them! Let others on the trails know that bikers are friendly and welcome sharing the trails with all.

For all future events, please check out the GGR Facebook page:

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