Change Is Good

By Mark Langton

As CORBA’s president for the past two years it has been my honor to represent the interests of ¬†backcountry trail users in the common goal of cooperative shared use open space trails.

As of January 27 I ¬†resigned my position as president, but will continue to act as secretary as well as being on the board of directors. I felt that it was time to allow new and fresh leadership to guide CORBA moving forward. I am happy and very excited to announce that CORBA’s vice president Steve Messer has accepted the nomination to president. Steve brings an incredible wealth of volunteer experience with the Angeles National Forest mountain bike patrol and trail crew, as well as heading up trail work with CORBA’s trail crew. As a CORBA board member for the past four years Steve has written numerous documents pertaining to a variety of shared use trail issues. I have every confidence that Steve will completely represent CORBA’s interests at the various land management and public meetings that we attend on a monthly basis.

I can assure you that that this transition will be seamless and will not effect the operation of CORBA in any way, except to reinforce our resolve to keep pressing to gain as much access to our public trails as possible. Onward!


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