Help Walk ‘N Rollers Help Kids


CORBA members and fans, one of our own needs our help.

Jim Shanman, longtime CORBA member and supporter formed Walk ‘n Rollers last year to encourage kids to bike and walk to school more frequently. His organization has had great success helping schools on the Westside develop basic bike/walk to school programs, host Kids Bike Safety Festivals and works with cities to develop effective encouragement programs. Encouraging kids to bike and walk to school has many benefits, including increasing kids’ daily activity levels, reducing congestion and pollution around schools and, most importantly, teaches kids important life skills such as responsibility and good decision making.

Walk ‘n Rollers is a finalist for a $5,000 grant to help expand their programs, and with a simple click or 2, you can help them bring it home. For the kids in LA County and for Jim, please cast your vote for Walk ‘n Rollers at . After voting, please share this message with anyone you can. Simply put, the organization with the most votes wins. So while we’re all in a voting mood this week, cast your vote for someone who will make a difference we can all appreciate and then encourage others to do the same. Let’s do what we can to get kids walking and rolling!

To learn more about Walk ‘nRollers, visit


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