Placerita Canyon, Vasquez Rocks Trails Public Meeting Announced for July 12

LA County Public MeetingThe County of Los Angeles has completed their assessment of trails in Placerita Canyon Natural Area, and Vasquez Rocks.  They have scheduled a meeting to discuss their findings and draft report for:


July 12, 2012, 6 p.m. 

William S. Hart Park – Hart Hall

24151 N. Newhall Avenue, Newhall, Ca 91321

The Canyon Trail was closed to mountain bikes, after having been posted open for several years, in 2011. Mountain bikers came out en masse at the initial public meeting, and we hope for a similar turnout at this next meeting. Los Angeles County has applied the State Parks Change-in-use Assessment tool to evaluate the trails, and will make recommendations based on their objective findings. The State has been actively developing and testing the tool over the past two years. It’s initial test in Southern California was on the Tapia Spur trail. In that case it was found that with some modifications, the trail could be made safe and sustainable for all users, including mountain bikes. Tapia Spur is currently in the process of being upgraded with those recommended modifications. We would hope for a similar outcome in the County’s application of the tool.

The draft report itself will be released on June 28, twelve days before the public meeting.  We will post a notice and a quick review of the report once it is made publicly available.




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