Grassland Trail In Malibu Creek in Question

A couple of days ago CORBA received reports from some of our members that while riding in Malibu Creek State Park they were told by Mounted Volunteer Patrol (MVP, equestrian)¬†members that “only fireroads, no singletrack” were open to bikes and that the section of Grassland Trail from Mulholland Hwy. and from the Edison Station to Las Virgenes Fireroad/Liberty Canyon Fireroad sections were not open to mountain bikes. It was also reported that this went for the stream bed section of Crags Road Trail (aka the Creek of Doom).

Subsequent conversations with local rangers indicated that the information about the stream bed was incorrect, and that it was open to mountain bikes. The Grassland Trail was not as clear.

On Tuesday 1/26 members of CORBA’s Board of Directors met with State Park officials on several issues, one of them being Grassland Trail’s use designation regarding the sections in question mentioned above. Representing State Parks were Acting District Superintendent Craig Sap, Topanga Sector Superintendent Lynnette Brody, Maintenance Chief Dennis Dolinar, Maintenance Supervisor Dale Skinner, Resource Specialist Tom Dore, Ranger Tony Hoffman, and Roads and Trails Manager of the Facility Management Division Karl Knapp. None of these individuals knew with certainty what the designation of Grassland Trail was, and did not have documentation readily available. They did say that to their knowledge¬†there had never been a closure to bicycles, and have been operating under the assumption it is multi-use, including bicycles. They guaranteed they would provide definitive information as soon as possible, and said that at this time the use designation is status quo, meaning that currently bicycle use is admitted. They also confirmed that the stream bed designation is multi-use, as is the singletrack from De Anza Park to Las Virgenes Fireroad.

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5 Responses to “Grassland Trail In Malibu Creek in Question”

  1. Gary Stevens says:

    Check in with Frank Padilla, I am sure he is aware of what the status of these sections of trails are and where State Parks filed the info, next one of the MVP will be telling us that Tapia Spur is off limits.

  2. markmtb says:

    Thanks Gary, good point. I’ll check with Frank.

  3. TObikeSean says:

    when you MBU guys ride on weekends, maybe a few more smiles would be prudent.
    We say hi to them as they blast through Chesebro, and usually never get a responding greeting, think they are riding too Fast.
    Their yellow jersey’s stick out like a sore thumb and the MBUers never smile and look generally pissed off.
    Teach them some niceness skills when training..

    • markmtb says:

      Thanks for the input. Please note that CORBA is not affiliated with the Mountain Bike Unit (MBU) other than supporting it with annual grant funding. CORBA has no administrative responsibilities or oversight with the MBU whatsoever. The MBU takes its direction from the National Park Service, California Department of Parks and Recreation, and Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority. However, we are certainly in direct communication and I will pass along your comments.

  4. rc planes says:

    was there this weekend and grassland was open to bikers, i run there and have seen bikers all the time. love running there, marathon is in October at the creek so cant wait for that,wooootwooot
    anyone running the malibu creek marathon this October?

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