Welcome to CORBA’s Blog

CORBA’s new blog is a tool for us to stay in touch with you. We’ll keep you updated on the latest from our mountains and trails. We’re always working behind the scenes on your behalf, but need a better way to keep you informed.

You’ll be able to use modern tools like RSS readers, smartphones, twitter, and facebook feeds.

Most importantly, you’ll be able to provide us your valuable feedback and points of view by commenting on our news postings, and by active participation in our upcoming forums.

To leave a comment to a blog entry from the blog home page, click on the “Comment” link. From a single-entry page, fill in the “Leave a Reply” section. You do not need to register with the blog to leave a comment, but you will find it more convenient to do so if you want to make more than infrequent comments.

All comments are reviewed before being displayed to make sure they’re not spam or otherwise inappropriate.

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  1. Northrancher says:


  2. Steve Messer says:

    This is great! I have subscribed to the feed in Google Reader, a great way to catch up on everything that matters to me.

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