Recreation and The Future of Conservation

As CORBA prepares for discussions about wilderness proposals in the Angeles National Forest, we found the following Tedx Talk by Brady Robinson, Executive Director of the Access Fund, timely and relevant.

One of CORBA’s missions is to protect and preserve the open spaces and public lands on which we pursue our joint passions for cycling and nature. While we feel that our open spaces need protection from development and other activities that would forever change the landscapes we love so much, doing so in a way that precludes future bicycle access, or takes away existing public, multi-use trails is something that we and the growing off-road cycling community have difficulty supporting.

Robinson’s assertion that we tend to protect that with which we are familiar rings so true. If we never get our younger generations to experience nature in a way that is compelling and entices them to return, we’ll all have a much harder time convincing them of the need to protect our public lands. He says: “By remembering what we love and why we love it, we find the inspiration to protect it and nurture it for future generations.”

After watching the video, let us know what you think.


TEDxBoulder – Brady Robinson – Recreation and the Future of the Conservation Movement from Access Fund.

Learn more about this TedxBoulder talk here.

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  1. Wayne says:

    I just came across another story along similar lines, stressing how mountain bikers can help protect our public lands.

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