COSCA Spring Trailwork Report

Clearing out overgrown brush

On Saturday, March 27, about two dozen volunteers took part in the Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency’s (COSCA) Spring Trailwork Day. There were a few CORBA volunteers including Board of Directors member Danusia Bennet-Taber as well as volunteers from COSCA and the Santa Monica Mountains Trails Council (SMMTC). The largest contingent were Disney volunteers, who get a free pass to Disneyland for volunteering to help the community for a day. What a great way to encourage and reward volunteerism – our thanks to Disney Corp!     

We worked on the Mountain Creek Trail in Newbury Park. This trail was built last October during the Annual COSCA Trailwork Day by a much larger group of volunteers (see photo gallery). On Saturday, we widened much of the top section, fixed the drainage around a switchback and cleared out a lot of overgrowing brush on the Reino / Potrero Ridge Trail it connects to.     

Mountain bikers are quick to ride the reworked trail


On our way back down at the end of the workday, we passed a pair of mountain bikers on their way up. In the few months that this trail has been in existance, it has already become a popular trail to access the multiple singletrack trails in Dos Vientos!     

You can view the photo gallery of Saturday’s work. Many thanks to all the volunteers who came out to help!

2 Responses to “COSCA Spring Trailwork Report”

  1. Fred Ansaldi says:

    Hi guys, great work on the trail. One slight quip, the rolling dip which is on the ridge trail that bypasses the old motorcycle trail has failed. The soil was left too soft and the rolling dip was built in the middle of a steep but short incline. The water run off comes from the old upper motorcycle trail and the re-routed trail. There should have been a rolling dip at the top of the incline to divert the water runoff. Now the failed rolling dip in the middle of this incline is now an obstacle. Sorry for the bad news.

    • Hans says:

      Hi Fred, Thanks for the feedback. Was this something that was done on the spring work day or on the original build day back in October? If it was in October I think I know the section you are talking about. If so we did put in a drain at the top of that steep section. However, with 7″ of rain in a weeks time things will fail.