In My Backyard (IMBY)

By Mark Langton

Please slow down on Rosewood Trail

You might not know that in addition to being President of CORBA, I am also the chair of the Conejo Open Space Trails Advisory Committee (COSTAC), a Thousand Oaks city-appointed committee to the Conejo Open Space  Conservation Agency (COSCA).  So while I ride all over the Santa Monica mountains and beyond, COSCA is IMBY.

At our most recent COSTAC meeting, a member of the public brought to our attention that several local residents who use the Santa Rosa Trail off Lynn Road on a frequent basis have been seeing increased speed and discourteous behavior by mountain bikers coming downhill on the trail. The Santa Rosa Trail just so happens to be the closest trail to my house and I literally ride it at least once a week, if not more. So this is really IMBY!

One of the more disturbing reports was that riders are not slowing down while passing hikers and other mountain bikers. All I can say is, please slow down on Rosewood Trail and the Los Robles Trail as well (aka Switchbacks or Space Mountain).

Rangers will be increasing their presence on these routes and reminding people to slow down when approaching corners and around other users. While they are not usually prone to writing citations, they do have the authority to do so. Please respect COSCA’s shared use policies and ride respectfully around other users on these and all shared use trails. Thanks!



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