Santa Clarita Trails Public Hearing Announced

From the Santa Clarita Valley Trail Users:

Dear Friends,

Our fight to re-open The Canyon Trail and Vasquez Rocks to mountain biking continues.

As a part of the “trail assessment process” the County is undertaking, a “first” public hearing will be held on this matter on Wednesday, February 15 at 7PM at William S. Hart Park in the “Hart Hall” building.  This is a very important meeting and we need all hands on deck.  So please mark your calendar and plan on bringing your spouse and kids and maybe a few “Share the Trails” signs.  More information will follow as we plan for this meeting.

Additionally, next week, some of our committee members will be meeting with Russ Guiney to discuss the status of our request to re-open these trails and to express our concerns about the process and approach they are undertaking to address this issue.  Mr. Guiney is the Director of LA County Parks and Rec and the buck does stop with him.  Ultimately, this is his decision.  Wish us well.

Thank you for your support and letters to Supervisor Antonovich.  We would not have made it this far without it.

See you on the trials!

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