Light Rain Provided Perfect Dirt for CORBA Kids Ride

Though it was a small group who showed up for the November CORBA Kids ride in Cheeseboro Canyon last Saturday November 5, their enthusiasm ran big.  Light rains the day before provided perfect riding conditions.   The summer dust was lightly packed, the skies were clear and blue, and the temperature was pleasantly brisk.

After our standard greetings, 3 adults and 3 kids saddled up and headed out. Dave rode up front with Ethan and Nolan, John rode with Josiah, and Kat was sweeper and some-time photographer. When we got to “The Bees,” John guided the kids one-by-one through a small water crossing; the kids did great! We continued on until we hit 3.25 miles before taking a break and turning back. Most of the kids were tired after a total ascent of 500 feet.

During the break, John demonstrated the strength of his Kevlar gloves. He dared the kids to hit his gloved knuckles with a rock, and they each took a turn. After watching a large group of adult riders negotiate some technical rocky areas, the group saddled up. Most of the kids were uncomfortable riding back down some of the rockier sections, so they learned another lesson in mountain biking: There’s no shame in walking! Once we got past “The Bees,” everyone enjoyed the mostly downhill ride back to the parking lot.

After the ride, the kids snacked on chips and cookies, while the adults compared bike racks.

Check out the photo gallery of this ride. Next ride will take place Saturday December 3rd in Sullivan Canyon; meet on the Brentwood side: . Hope to see you there!

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