Round-up of June CORBA Kids Ride and Photos

The CORBA Kids Club monthly ride was held Saturday June 4 at Point Mugu State Park/Sycamore Canyon.  Despite forcasts for windy chilly weather, the marine layer kept it pleasantly calm and cool, and when the sun came out, everyone was happy to peel off a layer.

After reviewing trail etiquette, safety guidlines, and describing the upcoming water crossings, the riders started out on the main fire road. Along for the ride were 7 kids (Josiah, Julia, William, RJ, Elliot, Ethan, and Nolan and 6 adults (Larry, John, Joy, Dave and Dave, on bikes and Kat on foot).

The first water crossing allowed for an easy introduction for those who were comfortable enough to get a little wet. There was a shallow section to the right, and everyone who rode it glided through and made it up the hill on the other side. The water crossings provided more teaching and rest opportunities as the kids encouraged each other along the way.

When we reached the 3rd water crossing, we had to wait for a family of Mallard ducks to pass before putting our wheels back in the water.

Several varieties of wildflowers dotted the way, as did the poison oak.  Luckily the trail was wide, and it was easy to avoid.  Kat pointed out purple and black sage,  white yarrow, and golden yarrow to Julia and Joy on the way back.

After the ride, the kids piled into Dave’s truck for snacks and water.

You can see all the pictures from this ride in our June photo gallery.

Next ride will be at Malibu Creek State Park on Saturday July 2 from 9 to noon. Hope you can join us! Please register online to let us know you’ll be coming.

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