A New Look and Chapter for CORBA

In late December 2010 CORBA announced it was applying to become a chapter of the International Mountain Bicycling Association. The transformation is now complete, and CORBA is now a Chapter of IMBA. The partnership creates a stronger, unified voice for mountain bikers by linking our data base with IMBA’s, to name but one of several benefits that will enable CORBA to better serve off-road bicyclists in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties and surrounding areas.

Becoming an IMBA Chapter affiliate does not change CORBA’s local efforts and relationships with other advocacy groups and land managers. In fact, it will strengthen our efforts. Now when you join CORBA, you will also be getting an IMBA membership as well. And if you join IMBA, you have the opportunity to indicate CORBA as your local affiliate. Join or renew today and help us keep your local trails open to bicycles!

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