Inaugural Kids Club Ride was Feb 5 Along Dirt Mulholland

By Katherine Ross

For the first ever CORBA Kids Club ride, the group met at the Nike Tower. Ride Leader Larry Ross checked bikes and reviewed and demonstrated how to cross ruts rather than go into them. The kids practiced on a small rut inside the first gate. Larry also described the upcoming terrain, stressing the need to control speed on the big downhills. Larry, with son Elliot behind him on a tow-a-bike, agreed to be the leader and set the pace. Dave Lamon agreed to be the sweeper. He stayed with the two youngest riders — his daughter Julia, and new riders Dave Frymer, and his son Yarden.

We stopped at the gated entrance to Sullivan Fire Road, and the bigger kids hiked up a small hill and enjoyed the surroundings while waiting for the smaller ones to catch up. Kat pointed out California Bush Poppy and Canyon Sunflowers, and the varieties of sage. We stayed in touch via Walkie Talkie, and the big kids cheered the little ones in as they came to the break spot. The bigger kids showed the smaller kids their hiking spot.

When everybody was ready, we continued the ride, with Kat riding ahead to stop and take pictures.

When we got to the the top of Reseda (The Topanga State Park Mulholland Drive sign). We took a snack and water break before leading the kids down the steep dirt hill one-at-a-time. The bigger kids continued the ride down the pavement to Larry and Kat’s with Larry and Dave Grant. Dave Lamon and Kat stayed with the younger kids until Larry picked them up in his Van. Larry shuttled Kat and Dave up to the Tower to get the cars. Dave Lamon and Dave Grant rode back to get their cars. Snacks and refreshments were enjoyed by all!

View the photo gallery of our first ride!

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