Louisa Bonnie Moves On

The mighty Louisa

Last year’s Fat Tire Festival was Louisa Bonnie’s last as Coordinator. CORBA is forever indebted to her for taking the event to new heights and bringing more attention to CORBA’s mountain bike advocacy efforts. The event raised not just awareness, but much needed funding for CORBA’s programs, which include Youth Adventures, Trail Crew, Introduction to Mountain Biking Skills, and Kids Club.

It’s impossible to measure the immense respect and admiration we have for Louisa’s involvement as a board member and FTF coordinator. Not only did she organize the event, she also made huge strides in procuring event sponsorship and vendor participation. The entire Santa Monica Mountains trail user ┬ácommunity owes her a tremendous amount of gratitude for her selfless efforts to improve our open space trails and recreational experience.

If you are interested in getting involved with upcoming events, please contact info@corbamtb.com


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