CORBA Supporter and Industry Legend Russ Okawa Passes Away

Most CORBA members, and the general mountain bike community, probably don’t know the name Russ Okawa. However, to anyone who worked in the bicycle industry, his name is legendary, as was his tireless work ethic and dedication to whatever bicycle-related company he worked for. He literally helped change the course of the industry, first with his involvement with the BMX boom, and later with the mountain bike explosion. His most recent involvement with Giant Bicycles for more than 10 years helped shape a new era of the way bicycle companies do business. Russ passed away in his sleep on Monday January 3 from complications due to open heart surgery. Click here for a story that appears on the Bicycle Retailer and Industry News website.

Russ was also a friend of the cycling community, an ever present supporter of bicycles and cycling in all its forms. His persistence in supporting CORBA’s Fat Tire Festival through Giant’s presence was unwavering.


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