Hundreds of pot plants, seeds seized in Malibu Creek State Park

From the Los Angeles Times:

“Two men were arrested after authorities found hundreds of marijuana plants and seeds in a remote section of Malibu Creek State Park in the Santa Monica Mountains, authorities said.

“Arturo Molina, 37, of Van Nuys and Victor Magana, 23, a Mexican national, were booked Sunday on suspicion of marijuana possession, possession of a concealed firearm, and destruction of plants and geological features, said Darrell Readyhoff, a peace officers supervisor with the California Department of Parks and Recreation.

“Park authorities were conducting a routine search for possible pot cultivation sites in the park about 8 a.m. Sunday when they found the marijuana near Malibu Canyon and Piuma roads.

“Molina and Magana, who had been tending to the operation, fled the scene, Readyhoff said. Sheriff’s deputies helped California State Park rangers track down the pair, authorities said.

“One of the men was treated for unspecified injuries after falling off a 15-foot rock face.

“Officials recovered approximately 900 marijuana plants and 3,000 seeds, Readyhoff said.”

CORBA reminds open space users that if you notice suspicious activity, do not approach the area! Pot growers and others could be armed, as one of the men in this story was. Instead, report your suspicions to a park ranger or other peace officer and let them investigate further.

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