Notice to users of the Los Robles Trail

From Mark Langton, chairperson of the Conejo Open Space Trails Advisory Committee (COSTAC)

 There is a section of the Los Robles Trail in Thousand Oaks (also known as “The Switchbacks” and “Space Mountain”) that crosses over a private dirt road between the Moorpark Road (at Greenmeadow) trailhead and the intersection of Rosewood Trail (picnic table overlook). The private dirt road is an extension of South Ventu Park Road in Newbury Park. Please be aware that the private dirt road–distinguished by a stop sign at one side of the road where the trail crosses, and an information kiosk on the other side–is only to be used by the public to connect to the trail on either side of the private dirt road. Actions by trail users such as stopping vehicular traffic or traveling away from the path of the Los Robles Trail as it crosses the private dirt road are illegal. Failure to respect this private property could affect future public access to the Los Robles Trail.


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