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CORBA eNews for February 15, 2008

Rosewood Trail in Newbury Park

Biking on Stunt High Trail in Calabasas not permitted!

CORBA has received complaints about irresponsible Mountain Bikers on the Stunt High Trail.  The trail is located in Stunt Ranch off of Mulholland Highway a few miles west of Old Topanga Road.  This trail passes through Mountains Recreation Conservation Authority (MRCA), Mountains Restoration Trust (MRT) and University of California Reserve land.  This trail is used as part of an outdoor education area for young kids to learn about the Native Americans, Plants and Animals.

On 1/27 a group of five riders came down the trail.  Four of the five riders were considerate and slowed down as they passed a group of instructors and young kids on the trail.  One of the five riders did not slow down at all.  The report is that he was out of control and yelled to the group to get out of the way!  He nearly missed individuals in the group as he sped passed.  After he passed the group he crashed!  This apparently was not the first incident like this on this trail.   Although this trail has probably been ridden by many riders for years it did not become an issue until this incident.  Remember your actions on the trail affect us all!

On Thursday 2/14 we met with the managing authorities for the Stunt High Trail.  The outcome of the meeting is not good for Mountain Bikers.  The trail will remain closed to Mountain Bike riders!   "No Bikes" signs will be installed and MRCA Rangers will patrol and issue tickets to anyone riding the trail!  All UC Reserve land is closed to bikes due to its Reserve status.  We may have been able to convince the MRT to open their part of the trail to bikes but it is such a small section of the upper trail that it would not have meant much. Other options such as a reroute around the reserve or a new trail in the area were also discussed.  A reroute around the reserve will not work due to private property outside of the Reserve land and steep rugged terrain.

Please only ride on trails that are open to bikes.  Always control your speed and your bike.  Scan the trail ahead for other trail users and animals. Use a bell to alert others of your presence!  Bicyclists yield to hikers and horses.  Inform your friends of the rules of the trails.






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