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CORBA eNews for January 11, 2007

Hummingbird Trail in Simi Valley

Mark your calendar for Feb. 4th - Mount Zion Trail Ride and BBQ

We will be doing a ride and barbecue to celebrate the CORBA Trail Crew's completion of work on the Mount Zion Trail. This trail was in very poor shape, and had become completely overgrown until the CORBA Trail Crew stepped in and brought it back to life! This will be a 10-mile loop on some of the most scenic trails in the Angeles National Forest. After the ride the good folks at the Chantry Pack Station will barbecue for us, with the food provided by CORBA!
Non-MTB folks who worked on this trail with us and Forest Service personnel are welcome to join us too! You could do a hike and then join us for the barbecue, or just come up for the barbecue. Check the CORBA Trail Crew page on the Web site for meeting time and directions.

Santa Susana Pass Historic State Park

This Park is located in the Chatsworth area. The State is now in the planning process. CORBA Representatives have attended recent planning meetings with the State and other concerned user groups. If you ride and are familiar with this area, CORBA would like to hear from you. Please contact Hans Keifer at You can get more information on the planning process and see trail maps at the State Of California's web site:
Red Flag Warnings

Can you believe it is mid-January and we are having Red Flag Warnings?  A Red Flag Warning means increased fire danger and the high possibility of a quickly spreading fire in the area within 24 hours.  During Red Flag Warnings in the Santa Monica Mountains, the California Department of Parks and Recreation closes backcountry facilities.  For more information and to see if your ride will be affected, call the California State Parks Fire Information Line for updates on fire closures for Point Mugu, Malibu Creek, Leo Carillo, Will Rogers, and Topanga State Parks at (805) 488-8147.

"Share the Road" License Plate

The Orange County Wheelmen are working with State representatives to create a Share the Road novelty license plate.  To view what it may look like, click .  If approved, proceeds will go to educating motorists on how to safely share the road, educating bicyclists on the rules of the road and safe riding, educating event directors and bicyclists on best practices for event safety, providing guidance to bicyclists involved in crashes, and outreach to law enforcement on the rights and responsibilities of motorists and bicyclists.  To support a California Share the Road license plate, please sign the online petition here:

Ben Serotta to speak at Sundance Cycles, LLC Serotta Day February 3, 2007

Sundance Cycles presents Serotta Customer Appreciation Night and Demo Event February 3, 2007. Scheduled events include a group road ride through the Santa Monica Mountains, a ride with the guys from Serotta, a presentation by Ben Serotta, and a raffle for one of Serotta's all new HSG framesets. For the latest news and an up-to-the-minute event schedule for the Sundance Cycles Serotta Day, visit and view the events at






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