CORBA Fat Tire FestCORBA Fat Tire Fest


CORBA Fat Tire FestCORBA Fat Tire Fest

Poker Rides: Ride from station to station collecting 5 cards for the best poke hand. Top prizes will be awarded for the best hands. The Beginner ride is on fire road and in the staging area. The Intermediate ride includes moderately steep climbs and moderately technical singletrack. The Advanced ride has some steep climbs and descents and some moderately technical single track. Guided beginner ride will be offered.

Beginner Ride: Mostly fire road with a few small hills. Approx. 3.5 miles. Beginner guided ride meets at the CORBA exhibit in the main staging area at 9 AM.

Intermediate Ride: Several moderate climbs, some moderately technical single track. Approx. 9 miles.

Advanced Ride: Several moderate climbs, some steep climbs, some moderately technical single track. Approx. 11 miles. Experts guided ride will meet at the Giant exhibit in the main staging area at 8:30 AM. Experts ride lead by Essence Barton, 2008 National Champion Jr. Expert XC.

Hill Climb: Sponsored by Cynergy Cycles, this year’s FTF will feature a short but challenging climb to see who can climb the fastest. Prizes awarded for fastest times.

Wheelie Demo and Contest: Bike Warrior will be hosting this clinic on how to do wheelies and a big wheelie contest for a grand prize! Join in the fun for all ages and learn how to get it up...and keep it up!

Silent Auction: We will be hosting a silent auction featuring some of your favorite gear and schwag. Don’t want to take your chances in the raffle? Well, now you can simply outbid your friends for items you simply must have.

Log Pull Contest: How quickly can you power up from a standing start, dragging 25 pounds of dead weight behind you? Here’s your chance to find out. Pull a log the fastest over this short course and claim “King - -or Queen - of the Log”. Prizes awarded for fastest times!

Skills Class: Mark Langton will hold a special session of his monthly skills class, a must for all Mountain Bikers. Mark brings his vast riding experience on display as you learn the basics of riding and safety, including proper downhill techniques, riding down stairs and over logs. Meet in the main staging area at the Specialized exhibit.

NEW - Skills Course Area: Come test your skills and play on skinnies, tetter totters in the main staging area! Obstacles for all skill levels from beginner to expert.

NEW - KIDS BIKE RODEO: Come out and join the Family Fun!  The Kids Bike Rodeo is for children ages ten years and younger accompanied by a parent or guardian. We will combine safety and fun games on bikes! The stations are:

There will be prizes awarded to the winners for the Rock Dodge obstacle course and the Slow Race. Prizes for those two events will be the book written by Los Angeles author and musician Mike Ward titled "Mike and the Bike" foreword by Lance Armstrong. Kids Bike Rodeo will be held in the main staging area from 10 AM - 12 Noon.

Goodie bags will be given to all children participating in the rodeo! ALL children MUST wear helmets to ride in the bike rodeo. Kids RodeoKids Rodeo


8:00am - 10:30am: POKER RIDE CHECK-IN

8:00am - 3:00pm: RAFFLE TICKET SALES - at the CORBA exhibit

8:00am- 4pm: Skills Area - in main staging area

8:00am - 11:30am: Poker Rides - all solo rides in Grasshopper Canyon

8:30am - 11:15am: Expert Ride with leaders- meet in main staging area at Giant exhibit.

9:00am - 10:45am: Beginner Ride with leaders - meet in main staging area at CORBA exhibit

10 :00am - 12 Noon - Kids Bike Rodeo (kids ten and under) - main staging area

11:15am - 12:45pm: Bike Skills Clinic w/ Mark Langton and Special guest 2008 Champion Jr. expert XC rider Essence Barton - meet in main staging area at Specialized exhibit

11:30am - 1:30pm: Hill Climb Contest - West Ridge Trail

12:00pm - 1pm: Log Pull Contest - Open area at entrance to Grasshopper Canyon

12 NOON: FIRST RAFFLE DRAWING and POKER RIDE WINNERS ANNOUNCED- winning raffle tickets will be posted

11:30am - 2:30pm: LUNCH

1:00pm - 2:00pm: Wheelie Demo and Contest- main staging area

2pm - 3pm: Bike Limbo- main staging area

2:00pm: SECOND RAFFLE DRAWING/CORBA AWARDS. Special Guest speakers:Essence Barton and Matt Fritzinger. Winning raffle tickets will be posted