Don’t Shoot the Messenger

It has come to our attention through dialogue with representatives from National Park Service that over the last few months there have been several incidents involving cyclists traversing the trails unsafely. It has gotten to the point that rangers will now be stepping up their patrols and being more proactive in citing cyclists who they deem to be endangering the safety of themselves and other trail users. The following information was provided to us from the National Park Service (NPS) and would be enforced in such areas as Cheeseboro Canyon and the Backbone Trail. State Parks will likely begin increasing patrols in Pt. Mugu State Park as it is also an area of increased unsafe incidents.

In NPS property, citations would be issued under 36 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations); 36 CFR 4.2(b) dictates that NPS adopt California State law for vehicles and traffic safety. California code 4.30(c) states that bicycles are under vehicles and traffic safety regulations:

 36 CFR 4.22 (b) (1) Operating a motor vehicle without due care or at a speed greater than that which is reasonable and prudent considering wildlife, traffic, weather, road and light conditions and road character. ($350 plus $25 processing fee or mandatory appearance)

 36 CFR 4.22 (b) (2) Operating a motor vehicle in a manner which unnecessarily causes its tires to squeal, skid or break free of the road surface. ($150 plus a $25 processing fee)

36 CFR 4.22 (b) (3) Failing to maintain that degree of control of a motor vehicle necessary to avoid danger to persons, property or wildlife (Mandatory appearance).




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