Malibu Creek State Park Trail and Plant Rehab

By Mark Langton

The Grasslands Trail in Malibu Creek State Park between Mulholland Highway and Crags Road Trail has undergone grading and widening to allow ranger and emergency vehicle access. Also, the renegade trails that lead down to Crags Road from Grasslands Trail have been posted as “area closed due to plant rehabilitation.” Comments from Ranger Lindsey Templeton of California Department of Parks and Recreation (CDPR) state the the trails will be closed. Comments from CDPR engineers noted that a new properly built connector will be installed once the rehabilitation is complete. Please do not use trails that are marked as closed for rehabilitation. In the case of the Grasslands Trail, there is no significant advantage to using the trails that are being closed for rehab.

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  1. Jim thorton says:

    Anyone with an interest in the trails of Malibu Creek State Park should visit Your comments could help preserve the park. An unsightly 7 acre RV Park is planned by the state along Mulholland Highway (a state designated scenic drive). Project Officially known as the Ronald Reagan Equestrian Campground.

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