It Takes a Village…Of Mountain Bikers

By Mark Langton


CORBA founders/Steering Committee/Board of Directors accepting the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame award for 2013. From left to right: Kurt Loheit, Peter Heumann, Jeff Klinger, Michael Goodman, Jim Hasenauer, Jennifer Klausner, Mark Langton, Steve Messer (not pictured, Hans Keifer).

Last week on September 18, CORBA was officially inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame┬áduring the Interbike Trade Show in Las Vegas. Several CORBA founding members, past and current board members, and VIPs attended the event. Also inducted were professional racers Marla Streb and┬áNicolas Vouilloz, Rim Cyclery (Moab, Utah) founders Robin and Bill Groff, and photographer David Epperson. Click here for more information on this year’s inductees.

In the weeks leading up to the event, I was tasked with compiling and editing a list comprised of founders, Steering Committee and Board of Directors members, and friends and significant contributors to CORBA, first provided by CORBA’s unofficial archivist Jim Hasenauer. It’s still a work in progress, but I believe it is fairly comprehensive (see below). The most noteworthy impression I get when looking at the list is that CORBA’s success in getting and keeping trails open to bicycles in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area and greater Los Angeles County and Eastern Ventura County is due to a team effort.

In 26 years more than 30 people have joined CORBA’s Steering Committee/Board of Directors. They have all made significant contributions to keeping CORBA on the high road of advocacy. The list of significant friends and volunteers is made up of people who have in one way or another gone above and beyond to help guide and bolster CORBA’s efforts, such as organizing events, providing mentoring and guidance, ┬ávolunteering incredible amounts of time, and so much more. Their contributions are far too lengthy and complex to list here, but it is one thing I am endeavoring to do as well. To be sure, if their name is on the list, they have done something significant to keep CORBA moving forward (including some land management agency folks who certainly took their fair share of heat for siding with CORBA; of course, they were visionaries). If you see someone missing who you feel should be on the list, please send their name and description to me at Thanks!

Steering Committee/Board of Directors (chronological)
Jim Hasenauer
Kurt Loheit
Mark Langton
Matt Landis
Peter Heumann
Ross Blasman
Lou Pescarmona
Dan Bernstein
Callie Courtis
Michael Goodman
Lawana Godwin
Mike Roth
Jim Walters
Gary Stevens
John Christ
Ken Rodriguez
Laura O’Neal
David Grey
Mark Fingerman
Frank Still
Ed Dee
Reuben Finkelstein
Louisa Bonnie
Greg Scarich
Hans Keifer
Jeff Klinger
Sonia Ottusch
Danusia Bennett Taber
Mark Langton
Steve Messer
Jennifer Klausner
Friends of CORBA and Significant Volunteers (alphabetical by first name)
Aaron Hanson
Al Farrell
Alan Yoshida
Alex Baum
Bannar Moffat
Bart Allen
Bill Foster
Bob Pugsley
Bonnie Baskin
Brian Hemsworth
Brian Simms
Bryan Gordon
Burt Elliott
Carol Gray
Carola Lindquist
Charlie and Mary Litsky
Christine Blasman
Clay Clymore
Danny Ybarra
Darryl Gray
Dave Dwyer
Dave Mummert
David Ross

David Updike

Dieter Schirrmacher
Donna Marks
Dori Friedman
Elayne Haggan
Ezra Dweck
Fran Gruchy
Frank Padilla
Fred Ansaldi
Fred Chavez
Gene Berwager
Holly Harmon
Hoyt Pemberton
Jack Dwyer
Jack Matalon
Jack Short
Jean Bray
Jeff Alexander
Jerry Cowan
Jim Shanman
Joe Dillman
Jonathan Kay
Katy Endicott
Keith Barefoot
Kellog and Andelson Accountancy Corp.
Ken Raleigh
Ken Williams, Carol Matsonaga, and Dana Supanovich attorneys at Law
Kevin Donnelly
Kevin Korenthal
Lance Bisco
Larry LaSota
Larry Marks
Liz Baumann
Loren Bain
Loren Pluth
Lynne Rubin
Mansoor Sabbagh
Matt Gunnell
MBU/Youth Adventures
Mike Poteet
Pete Warden
Randy Rogers
Rebecca Lemke
Rich Pinder
Robert Heagy
Robin and Mike McGuire
Rorie Skei
Russ Eddy
Russ Okawa
Steve Clark
Steven Weiss
Stu McNally
Stuart Ganong
Tamara Napier
Terry Harmon
Tom Robbins
Troy Braswell
Virgil Hemrick
Vondell Scharrer
Wendy Engelberg
Woody Smeck





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