RAM Still On 12/15/12

Despite the rain forecast for tonight (Friday 12/14) and early Saturday morning, we will still be riding and meeting at The Hub in Topanga State Park at 10am on Saturday 12/15. If it’s raining during the meeting period (10-11am), then we might just do the photo and forego the cash drawings. We’ll take a vote and see how everyone feels!

2 Responses to “RAM Still On 12/15/12”

  1. Ed Llorca says:

    I am surprised you are not cancelling the event. It goes without saying that Corba hold a leadership position in the sport. Wet trails should not be ridden on and here you are setting the wrong example.

    You can and should do better

    Ed Llorca
    Newbury Park

  2. markmtb says:

    Hi Ed,

    Thanks for the input. You are right, wet trails should not be ridden on. The route to The Hub is on fireroads, and they were not muddy today. The soil composition on the fireroads en route to The Hub is sandy and it is our experience that the soil drains well under far more rain that is expected tonight, which is less than .5 inches. The forecast for tomorrow is sunny and temps in the high 50’s. If it is raining at the time of the proposed meeting then we will not ride.

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