More Work Taking Place in Sullivan Canyon Starting Early October

From the Southern California Gas Company Public Affairs Manager

Southern California Gas Company Sullivan Canyon Pipeline Protection Project 

SoCal Gas plans to perform maintenance and repair work to the portion of Sullivan Canyon, which has been owned and maintained by SoCal Gas since 1960, in accordance with State and Federal pipeline safety regulations and a 5-year Maintenance Plan.  We are currently in the second year of that plan.

Heavy rains during 2010 and 2011 caused severe earth erosion and washout damage to the pipeline maintenance access road within the canyon.  As a result, buried SoCal Gas transmission pipelines have been exposed in some areas.  It is important that we repair this damage in order to maintain safety and so that we may continue to provide Southern California residents with a safe and reliable supply of natural gas.

For your consideration, the following impacts are to be expected in your neighborhood.  Please note that these are only approximations and are subject to change.  We will do our best to keep you apprised of any changes.

  • Duration of work (tentatively) – October 6, 2012, temporary restricted public access to certain areas of the canyon, which will remain in effect until work is completed.  At minimum, work is estimated to be completed by January 2013.  Staff will safely guide the public around restricted areas of the canyon.
  • Hours of Operation – 7am-7pm weekdays and 8am -6pm Saturdays.  No work will be performed Sundays;
  • Reduction of public curb parking at entrance to canyon;
  • Intermittent loud noise in the immediate work areas;
  • Increased dust in the immediate work areas;
  • Increased traffic from work crews and equipment; and
  • Signage indicating access restrictions.

Location and Logistics

  • 4.5 mile stretch of land that comprises Sullivan Canyon between Queensferry Rd. and Mulholland Dr. (Farmer’s Fire Rd.) at both ends of the canyon;
  • Equipment and material will be delivered via Queensferry Rd.;
  • Mulholland Drive will be the primary delivery/export route to avoid hindering traffic in the neighborhood near Queensferry Rd.; and
  • On-site construction management who will manage work crews to ensure that work is performed neatly and that a limited footprint is left in the canyon.

Purpose and Project Scope

  • Restoration of access road including grading and fill for safe pedestrian and vehicular use; the road will remain essentially an earthen road. and
  • Repair of cover to two high – pressure transmission pipelines.

Environmental Impacts

In order to re-establish the road and repair the pipelines while minimizing environmental impacts to the canyon, SoCal Gas has commissioned and will be working closely with professional environmental consultants during project planning and implementation.  To date, a survey has been conducted by the project biologist and an arborist recommended by the City of Los Angeles.  The survey identified and the City concurred upon the removal of two hazardous oak trees within the project alignment.  A hazard tree removal permit will be issued for this work and these trees will be mitigated at a 5:1 ratio (10 new trees will be planted as replacements) per the California Department of Fish and Game.  No additional oak trees or other native trees will be removed.

Oversight Agencies and Additional Advisory Assistance

  • United States Army Corps of Engineers
  • Los Angeles Region California Regional Water Quality Control Board
  • California Department of Fish and Game
  • Los Angeles Fire Department (fire prevention plan)
  • Sage Institute (environmental advisement)

Updates regarding additional closures and/or canyon restrictions, or changes to the project plan will be distributed periodically throughout the duration of the project.  Closures or restrictions will also be posted on the gate at Queensferry Road and at the entrance to the property off of Mulholland in advance, to the extent feasible.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this necessary work to ensure pipeline safety and maintenance of a reliable natural gas supply to the Los Angeles basin area.  SoCal Gas appreciates your understanding of the need for this maintenance work and temporary disruption of canyon access.

Please know that safety is our first priority.  We appreciate customers and members of the community keeping us informed on conditions surrounding our facilities.  Likewise, we believe it is important to communicate with you when we know our work will impact our neighbors. Again, there are two high-pressure transmission pipelines located in the canyon and we will continue to periodically perform maintenance work to them as-needed to ensure safety.  We will provide notification when projects are scheduled and we will do our best to work with neighbors and the public to minimize impacts to customers and stakeholders.  It is our goal to keep disruptions to a minimum and we regret temporary inconveniences.

Thank you for your understanding while we perform this necessary maintenance and repair work.  Should you have any questions, please call Krista Phipps at (323) 578-2650 or email


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  1. Bob Solomon says:

    Sullivan is now closed thru approximately thanksgiving per so cal gas workers and guard on site. They said there was an accident Saturday with a biker that forced the closing while they are in construction.

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