Youth Adventures ride at Cheeseboro Canyon – April 2010

On April 3, 2010 CORBA with help of Mountain Bike Unit volunteers hosted Youth Adventures program ride at Cheeseboro National Recreation area.

A group of teenage boys from El Monte California had a chance to ride famous “Cheeseboro challenge” hill. People say that a picture is worth a thousand words. How true! Just look how much fun they had!

CORBA's Youth Adventures Trailer at the Cheeseboro parking lot.

One of the boys is climbing The Challenge. Mountain Bike Unit volunteers (in yellow jerseys) provide the guidance “go,go, pedal! turn!…”

Youth Adventures began in the summer of 1993 and operates twice per month year-round serving over 350 kids annually.Youth Adventures was implemented as a way of reaching out to groups of children that have had limited exposure to public parklands. Mountain bike rides are scheduled with organizations that serve disadvantaged, inner-city or at-risk youth from ages 8-17 and are held in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. CORBA supplies the bikes, helmets, gloves, water, snacks and transportation. Rides are operated by Mountain Bike unit volunteers. For more information visit Youth Adventures web page.

posted by Danusia Bennett-Taber

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